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As a result of his life experiences and faith, Gary has a passion for public service. If you’d like to know about Gary’s roots, career, and family, take a look at his biography. Gary is a husband, father, grandfather, educator, cattleman, and legislator.

In a world of misinformation, it can be difficult to figure out the truth. If you want to know where Gary stands on the issues, visit his issues page. Here you can find out not only what he believes, but how he has followed those beliefs closely as a legislator.

Did you know that state legislatures are not called “congress” and state legislators are never called “congressmen”? This page not only details which committees and commissions Gary has served on, but also valuable information on how to navigate the “lege” as an engaged citizen.

Here you can find articles and videos from state, regional, and local newspapers, magazines, media outlets, organizations, and journalists. Going forward from August 2021, this is also where all of Gary’s campaign press releases will be posted.

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